ask for peace

August 3, 2009


great art work from an artist called ask? in israel

here’s an excerpt from his profile:

“Justice though will chase
Ask for peace and hunt it

Peace is not just a word. It is not just a diplomatic maneuver, not just a treaty to be signed. Not just a greeting to greet your bro’ with.
Peace is a way of life. It is a goal to be acieved not just in the middle east but also in one’s home.
Peace is something to be hunted, to be chased, to be asked.
In fact I believe that everything is to be asked. Everything is to be put under a question mark. Only some-things can be answered. The way of the question is a difficult way. It is hard for us to question our believes when we think they are true. But I believe that truth is elastic. And I try to question that belief too. Or do I?”


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